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Iron Hydroxide Powder

S+A Blackwell is the exclusive UK (excluding Northern Ireland) agent for FerroBio, who mine and then process high quality Iron Hydroxide powders for biogas desulphurisation applications.

FerroBio is an Iron compound, made of functional oxides & hydroxides, that upon reaction with Hydrogen Sulphide, generates Iron Sulphide & pure Sulphur which, in turn, are used as additives to enhance the properties of fertilisers.

Taking into consideration its efficiency and value for money, FerroBio is the best choice for all types of biogas factories, not only for its technology (dry or wet) but also for the type of waste material it uses. The material is easy to use, non-toxic, not hazardous or corrosive and it helps generate high-quality compost that enhances all types of fertilisers.

Material is held in UK stock and shipped in biodegradable 20kg bags or in 1-ton big bags.

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